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“Triage is not an end-point but a beginning.”  Manchester Triage Group

TeleTriage Systems’ goal is to help telephone triage nurses get patients to the right level of care, at the right time for the right reason — AND possibly further evaluation and/or treatment.  We develop the simplest, most effective tools to help  you achieve that.

“Thank you so much for the materials that you’ve sent to me. In my new position, I was desperate for up-to-date information regarding risk management, scope-of-practice rules and any other information I could find. Your books and articles have answered all of my most important questions and so much more.

Thanks to you, I’m no longer just relying on my past 11 years of practical experience as a telephone triage nurse. I now have written ‘best practice’ standards in hand that I can refer to. Many thanks again for all you do.”

T.W., Clinical Quality Auditor, 24/7 Triage Line, California

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Telephone Triage Consulting & Research

 Telehealth & COVID 19, Degree of Worry (DOW) Score, CDSS Tinkering

Telephone triage and telehealth are taking center stage with the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic. Telehealth and COVID19

Patients call for a reason, and their level of anxiety should be taken into consideration.  New research suggests that “degree of worry” be assessed.  Impact of caller’s degree-of-worry on triage response in out-of-hours telephone consultations: a randomized controlled trial

Research has shown that patients often self-refer to the ED.  A new study explores an “Early Access Button”– allowing jumping the line instead of waiting. Giving callers the option to bypass the telephone waiting line in out-of-hours services: a comparative intervention study

Some experts suspect that nurses often over ride CDSS in decision making.  Now, new research indicates that this is a fact in telephone triage. Tinkering and overruling the computer decision support system: Working strategies of telephone triage nurses who assess the urgency of callers suspected of having an acute cardiac event.

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Telephone Triage Continuing Education Courses

Earn 30-60 CEU Hours of Telehealth Continuing Education 

There is no evidence that electronic Guidelines eliminate the need for clinical telehealth training. A prudent risk management policy to provide a clinical training component in your telehealth system.

Sheila Wheeler has developed the widest selection of Telehealth Continuing Education courses.  These CE courses are unique, evidence-based, essential and practical, meeting both clinicians’ and managers’ needs in a timely way.  Even if you don’t require CE now, you can purchase the course now and complete it at a later date.

Managers: Jump start clinical training!  These courses can be used for existing or new staff!  Online CE is fast, convenient and cost effective — for a group or a new hire as a self-study.  Get staff up to speed quickly, and check that task off your list!

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