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    1. Continuing Education Courses  (2017-2020)
    2. Five online CE courses, 60 CE Hours total
    3. Publications
      1. Telehealth Guidelines Age-based  (2017) 3 Volumes, with audiolinks to 10 case studies
      2. Training manual (1993) with audiotaped case studies
      3. Telehealth Standards Manual

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Teleheath Industry Background According to BusinessWire, the Global Telehealth market is expected to reach $32 Billion by 2027 (pre-COVID).  Overnight, COVID-19 has propelled telephone triage and telehealth into the spotlight as the preferred means of patient access.  In fact, telehealth may be one of the few healthcare services that is working effectively in the midst of the pandemic. And telehealth is a growing industry!

Historically, practitioners and experts alike have viewed assessment of patient symptoms remotely by phone as risky.  Over 40-50 years, attempts to remedy the risks have been erratic and unsystematic.  Inadequacies — in training, policies, and guidelines — continue to pose risks to patient safety.

Typically, most telehealth programs are still lacking complete systems – contributing to error and malpractice.   Advanced telehealth will require comprehensive, integrated programs — Training, Guidelines, Documentation Form and Practice Standards — all of which TeleTriage Systems has.

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Help Others Vote Safe, Secure & Early

Over 4 million strong — nurses vote!

Protect the Health of the Community AND the Frontline Nurses 

Seven weeks until Election Day — still enough time to take action.

Nurses support safe voting — by mail or other safe voting options:  Expanded Early Voting,  Vote-Anywhere Rules,  Curbside Voting, Reserved Time Voting. Click LINKS below to learn more!

  1. PHONE BANKING Reclaim Our Vote  Phone Banking to support Voter registration of people who may have been purged from voter rolls.
  2. DONATE: Flip the Vote Engage in Relational Voter Turnout, a data-informed and accessible way to win up and down the November 2020 ballot. Rigorous, targeted voter registration and engagement, and vote-by-mail assistance for communities of color, non-English speaking, youth voters.
  3. INFORMATION LINKS Check Voter RegistrationVoter Registration Deadline: All StatesWill You Have Enough Time to Vote by Mail?
  4. SAFE VOTING VENUES More Than a Vote  Working to convert arenas and sports facilities into voting precincts — large, open spaces that are safer for voting!
  5. WORK THE POLLS Serve as a Poll Worker
  6. 19 Quick Ways to Turn Out the Vote

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Virtual Telehealth Nurse Training


ZOOM TELEHEALTH Seminars for Telehealth Managers & Practitioners. CE Optional.    Contact Sheila Wheeler at 415 453 8382 for details.

ONLINE CE COURSES Earn 6-60 CE hours now.  CE courses are Fast, convenient, cost effective.

LINK to On Line Continuing Education Courses 

Telehealth is an essential service — now center stage in healthcare. Accordingly, clinical training is also essential!  There is no evidence that electronic Guidelines replace clinical telehealth training. Clinical training is an essential component of any telehealth system.

Earn 30-60 CEU Hours of Clinical Telehealth Continuing Education  Five Telehealth CE courses…. 30-60 CE Hours — they are unique, evidence-based and practical.  They meet clinicians’ and managers’ training needs in a timely way.

Telehealth Training with CE: On-Line, On-Site & National Conference Read further

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