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Telephone Triage Training

Researchers have found that the introduction of  electronic guidelines have not significantly reduced decision making errors. No evidence supports the idea that software takes the place of  training for clinical making in telephone triage.   Some CDSS (Computerized decision support systems) might not be user friendly and actually contribute to errors.

Wheeler’s training emphasizes how applying transferrable clinical skills to telephone triage — the nursing process, gathering a symptom history and patient history — enhances metacognition and risk management. Clinical training helps nurses to compensate for the effects of algorithmic software that actually functions like a computerized decision making system (CDMS), tempting less confident nurses to outsource their clinical judgement to the CDSS,  or prompting more savvy nurses to ignore the electronic software altogether.

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Telephone Triage Consulting

Whether you need specialized training,  legal nurse consultingconference or guideline development or refinement, Ms. Wheeler brings expertise, professionalism, a passion for excellence and “real world” solutions to every telephone triage consultation project. Review Ms. Wheeler’s recent presentation “To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly”  2015 AAACN conference. 

“We’ve learned that automation does not eliminate errors. Rather, it changes the nature of the errors that are made, and it makes possible new kinds of errors. The bottom line is this: Systems that integrate the best of human abilities and technology are the safest for all concerned”.  Captain Sully Sullenberger

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Telephone Triage Continuing Education Courses

Based on 35+ years of experience in the field, as well as expert witness consulting, Sheila Wheeler has developed the widest array of telephone triage Continuing Education  courses.  They are unique, essential and practical, meeting both clinicians’ and managers’ needs.

Research demonstrates that clinicians still make basic errors. These CE courses are specifically designed to reduce recurrent errors — failures of assessment communication, continuity, informed consent and human error — all root causes of error in Medicine (Joint Commission).

Ms Wheeler designed the courses to be as evidence-based and “real world” as feasible,  instantly available, without additional costs of  travel, lodging and conference attendance.

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