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Telephone Triage Training

“Thank you so much for the materials that you’ve sent to me. In my new position, I was desperate for up-to-date information regarding risk management, scope-of-practice rules and any other information I could find. Your books and articles have answered all of my most important questions and so much more.

Thanks to you, I’m no longer just relying on my past 11 years of practical experience as a telephone triage nurse. I now have written ‘best practice’ standards in hand that I can refer to. Many thanks again for all you do.”

T.W., Clinical Quality Auditor, 24/7 Triage Line, California

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Telephone Triage Consulting

CONSULTATION EXAMPLES Whether you need specialized training,  legal nurse consultingconference or guideline development or refinement, Ms. Wheeler brings expertise, professionalism, a passion for excellence and “real world” solutions to every telephone triage consultation project. Review Ms. Wheeler’s recent presentation “To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly”  2015 AAACN conference. 

Thoughts from Thought Leaders Two new books address quality and safety in healthcare with implications for telephone triage safety:   The Digital Doctor:  Hope, Hype and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer Age, by Robert Wachter, MD, and The Checklist Manifesto:  How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande, MD.

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Telephone Triage Continuing Education Courses

Telephone Triage Update Package (17 CE)

NEW 2018 Pricing – $252  includes:  One Adult, Infant-Child, or School Age Guidelines, 10 Audio case studies), Downloadable Preceptor Workbook & Standards Manual  Exclusive with CE course

  1. Telephone Triage Risk management: Trends and Advances 3 CE
  2. Telephone Triage Risk management: Two expert views 3 CE
  3. Safety in Telephone Triage  6 CE
  4. Telephone Triage Guideline Competency 5 CE

Please Note: CE purchase is non-refundable

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