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Telehealth Books: Training Manuals, Risk Management, Standards & Guidelines

Books by Sheila Wheeler

The Pandemic has propelled Telehealth center stage overnight.  It is essential! Telehealth clinical training is also essential!  All training tools for a complete system are listed here.

Ms Wheeler’s newest training manual  Telehealth: Essentials  for Expert Clinical Practice   will be available from Amazon in early 2021.  It is  a  revision of the  1993 training manual,  and includes a Standards Manual.  Telehealth Risk Management in Ambulatory and Pre-Hospital Settings will be released in early 2021 as well.  The two new books are available  on Amazon in Spring of 2021.  Telehealth Guidelines may be used as a training tool (Review of Common Presenting Symptoms) to augment any an all guidelines – electronic or paper.

Managers: Jump start your clinical training  for existing or new staff!  The texts are unique, evidence-based and practical  — for a group or a new hire as a self-study.  Get staff up to speed quickly, and check that task off your list!  To date, no evidence has shown that, by themselves, electronic algorithms can safely replace the need for a complete system, including clinical training.  Training  materials are an essential component of a basic  telehealth system.

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Telehealth Resources: Articles, Newsfeeds, Research

Telehealth Articles, Newsfeeds & Age-Specific, 5-Level Guidelines

Since 1995, TeleTriage.com has served as an informational clearinghouse rich with resources: RSS feeds to the latest Telehealth news,  articles on telephone triage and telehealth research.  Please feel free to explore and link to this page as resources.


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About Sheila Wheeler, RN, MS.

SHEILA WHEELER, RN, MS.,  Founder of TeleTriage Systems, has achieved international recognition as a pioneer, thought leader and expert in telephone triage. She is an accomplished writer and researcher. Ms. Wheeler is currently retired.

Ms. Wheeler’s guidelines are unique. They are the only age-specific guidelines, the only 5-level telehealth guidelines, and designed for underserved communities —   low-income, high-risk, low literacy populations.  Wheeler’s guidelines are currently used by physicians in Bhopal, India.


D.L, RN, MSN, PHN. California.   “Your work is a godsend. I am truly grateful to have found it. Thank you for all you do.”  

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Feedback from 120 nurses attending a 2016 day-long Telephone Triage training near Washington, DC at a State Health Agency Regional Office.

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