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Telephone Triage Training

Industry Expert, Sheila Wheeler and other researchers have found that the introduction of  electronic guidelines have not significantly reduced decision making errors.  User unfriendly guidelines may actually contribute to errors leading to under referrals and delays in care.  Training for software operation does not replace clinical training: thorough assessments, skills in estimating urgency, ruling out urgent symptoms, interpreting patient responses, critical thinking, prioritizing, pattern recognition, and clinical decision making.



Ms. Wheeler can customize any course to your requirements, or provide training programs as described. To be more economical, you can join with other local healthcare facilities or create your own community-based offering. The core course: “The Fine Art of Telephone Triage” (8 hours) is essential.

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Telephone Triage Consulting

Whether you need specialized training,  legal nurse consultingconference or guideline development or refinement, Ms. Wheeler brings expertise, professionalism, a passion for excellence and “real world” solutions to every telephone triage consultation project. Please listen to Ms. Wheeler’s recent presentation “To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly” at the 2015 AAACN conference. 


  • Training Program Ms. Wheeler has developed training programs for groups of any size, level of experience or specialty. She has performed training in settings as diverse as public health,  governmental organizations, military facilities, health maintenance organizations and physician offices.

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Telephone Triage Continuing Education

Telephone Triage Update Package 

 18 CE Hours 2017 Pricing:  $216 NEW Download for FREE 190-page Preceptor Workbook & 80-page Standards Manual.  The package includes:

  1. 4 printed articles
  2. One Volume Adult or Pediatric Guideline Manual 300+ pages
  3. Download for 190-page Preceptor Workbook
  4. Download for 80-page Standards Manual
  5. Audio link to 10 case studies for review, analysis, discussion
  6. A slide presentation with AudioLink to Ms. Wheeler’s 60 minute presentation

CE Courses include:

Five CE courses update the training manual Telephone Triage: Theory Practice and Protocol Development (1993) addressing legal issues, quality, safety, best practices, regulations and competency.

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