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Help Others Vote Safe, Secure & Early


Over 4 million strong — nurses vote!

Protect the Health of the Community AND the Frontline Nurses 

Seven weeks until Election Day — still enough time to take action

  1. Phone Banking: Reclaim Our Vote
  2. Donate: Flip the vote. Engage in Relational Voter Turnout
  3. Sign a Petition
  4. Serve as a Poll Worker
  5. 19 Quick Ways to Turn Out the Vote

During the pandemic, nurses can encourage safe voting — by mail or other safe voting options:  Expanded Early Voting,  Vote-Anywhere Rules,  Curbside Voting, Reserved Time Voting. Click LINKS below to learn more!

  1. Reclaim Our Vote  Phone Banking to support Voter registration of people who may have been purged from voter rolls.
  2. Flip the Vote Engage in Relational Voter Turnout, a data-informed and accessible way to win up and down the November 2020 ballot. Rigorous, targeted voter registration and engagement, as well as vote-by-mail assistance for communities of color, immigrants, non-English speaking, youth voters.
  3. Will You Have Enough Time to Vote by Mail?
  4. Check Voter Registration
  5. Voter Registration Deadline: All States
  6. More Than a Vote  Working to convert arenas and sports facilities into voting precincts — large, open spaces that are safer for voting!
  7. Vote by Mail: Latest on All States

Vote by Mail Poll WSJ Join Leaders who support Vote by Mail:  Michele Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Stacey Abrams, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. Sign the Petition to Vote by Mail

Elizabeth Warren focuses on voting integrity in COVID Pandemic:

  • Vote at home.  Protect the community, including healthcare staff
  • Bolster election security. Counter disinformation
  • Accelerate online registration and restore voter rolls.
  • Provide dedicated funds for needed changes to the election process

Amy Klobuchar – is lead sponsor on a bill, to require every state to allow its citizens to vote easily by mail. “We are asking Congress to help states ramp this up in a big way, with funding for everything from workers to envelopes to postage.” Sign the Petition to Vote by Mail.

 Stacey Abrams – “The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives. We face a health crisis, an economic crisis — and, a crisis of access to our democracy.  No American should have to choose between participation in democracy and their own safety and that of the community.  Call your senator at 202-224-3121. Demand full funding to guarantee vote by mail and protect our democracy.” How to Protect Our Democracy Amid Pandemic  

Nancy Pelosi supports legislation to vote-by-mail in COVID Pandemic.  She advocates funding to vote-by-mail system amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis.  Calling vote-by-mail “a reality of life” she added “the integrity of our election system is central to our democracy”,

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