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Telephone Triage Risk Management 2

Two Expert Views:  legal experts describe risk management, negligence and recommendations for reducing risk.

3 CE Hours for $70.  

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Course Description: Sheila Wheeler interviews two legal experts, exploring their perspectives on risk management and recent developments in risk management in telephone triage. Attorney Robert Smith sets the stage, describing in detail the elements of a negligence lawsuit, as well as the types of questions that attorneys might pose to the defendant nurse. Laura Mahlmeister, PhD, RN, a legal expert, describes complex clinical situations that can lead to risk exposure. Ms Wheeler expands on their comments to describe several new areas of risk. Provider: Sheila Wheeler is a CE Provider and has been approved by California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #10680


Audience:  RNs and Nurse Practitioners, Physicians*, Residents*(novice and experienced) interested in learning more about risk management in telephone triage. * CE for physicians is not available at this time.

Methodology:  Participants will read on line course material, and answer 20 multiple-choice questions.

Behavioral Objectives: Upon successful completion of this home study, the participant will be able to

  • Discuss the elements of negligence in telephone triage

  • Discuss reasons for increased lawsuits related to negligence in telephone triage

  • Differentiate between vicarious and corporate liability

  • Discuss community standards as they relate to telephone triage

  • Relate research on working conditions and patient safety  to telepractice.

PROVIDER TeleTriage Systems. Provider has been approved by California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #10680 for 3 continuing education contact hours.



SMITH:  During a trial, the jury is instructed that a nurse has the duty to possess and apply the knowledge and utilize the skill and care ordinarily used by a reasonably well-qualified nurse. So, in that context, the skills, the training, the knowledge of the nurse, or whoever takes the call, is central.

There will be questions about the nurse’s qualifications and experience. So, as a starting point:  Who took the call? Was it a receptionist? Was it an RN? Was it an LPN? There will be questions regarding the level of experience within a telephone triage setting:  How many calls have they handled? Have they handled calls similar to this? Did they appropriately apply the protocols? Were they well trained? All those kind of peripheral issues that would go to the heart of whether somebody has behaved in a reasonable fashion.

The lawyer will ask questions about the nurse’s educational background, professional experience, about any training programs at their place of work, their experience in taking calls.

They will be asked:  What kind of advice did they give? Was it to go immediately to the Emergency Room? If so, did they orchestrate that or facilitate the transport to the Emergency Room? Did they call the Emergency Room ahead of time? If it was a referral the next day to an MD, did they supply the number? Did they verify that that had taken place? Did they verify that the instructions were heard and understood, which of course, are two different things.  Or did they just say,  “follow up”.



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Course no longer available for purchase

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