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Adult & Pediatric Telephone Triage Guideline Annual Supplements

Adult Telephone Triage Guidelines:  Telephone Triage Protocols for Adult Populations was revised in 2009.  New features include: Telephone Triage  Standards,  an Audio CD with case studies for training programs, and revised Web Sites for Support Groups and Health Information. The original three-volume, age-based Telephone Triage Guidelines for Adult and Pediatric Populations were updated annually for several years.  Please see the annual supplement schedule below.

1998 New and Revised Guidelines & Annual Supplements

  • Generic Protocol
  • Toxicity Assessment
  • Dehydration Assessment
  • Taking Medication while Breastfeeding
  • Burns
  • Community Resources/National Hotlines
  • Recommended Immunization Schedule

2000 New and Revised Guidelines

  • Back Problem
  • Emotional Problems; Suicide Instructions
  • Fever
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Women’s Health: Birth Control Options
  • Herbal Supplements

2002 New and Revised Guidelines

  • Integrated Adult and School Age Volumes (Three Volumes into one)
  • New Sections: Women’s Health and Infant/Child
  • New Format: Semi-algorithmic, streamlined, easier to follow

1999 New and Revised Guidelines

  • User’s Guide
  • Abuse Sexual, Physical, Emotional
  • Bites
  • Cold Exposure
  • Confusion
  • Heat Exposure
  • Shock
  • Women’s Health: Menopause

2001 New and Revised Guidelines

  • Pain Assessment
  • Bioterrorism Information
  • Childbirth Instruction
  • CPR Instruction
  • Extremities
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Home Treatments

2003 New and Revised Guidelines


  •     Abdomen Problem
  •     Behavioral Problem
  •     Bowel Problem
  •     Head Problem

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