远程医疗培训手册和准则 -- 通过从医学专业值得信赖 1985

远程医疗指南: 基于年龄, 5-Level Triage

成人 电话分流指引 – 年龄 18+ 岁月 (2009, 2017)

小儿科的 电话分流指引- 学龄 (年龄 6 至 18 岁月) (2003, 2017)

Pediatric Telephone Triage Guidelines – 婴儿/儿童 (从出生到 6 岁月) (2003, 2017

从 1993 至 1995, Ms Wheeler served as Editor-In-Chief for a 25-member Task Force to develop the first and only paper-based version of age-based, 以病人为中心, 5-Tier telephone triage guidelines (协议). Both training manual and Adult guidelines include audio CDs, each with re-enactments of 10 different actual telehealth malpractice cases, with follow-up analysis and critique of each call and suggestions for improved practice.

Book mark Wheeler’s Amazon page to purchase forthcoming Essentials for Expert Telehealth Practice and a unique manual that addresses Risk Management in Telehealth.