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Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice & Protocol Development (1993, 2005)

The Fine Art of Telephone Triage

This classic training manual — purchased by over 35,000 clinicians since 1993 — is based on the original and only  “how to” and  “go to”  telephone triage training program based on the seminar taught by Ms. Wheeler since 1985.

This clinical training course is “generic” to all telephone triage systems or programs, regardless of the type of protocols or guidelines used in your setting. It is the first clinical training manual, presents a broad overview of the field the principles.  Managers still use it as a  primer  for  new staff.

DESCRIPTION:   It addresses  the basic elements of malpractice in telephone triage and practical steps to avoid risk.  Metacognition — thinking about thinking — involves decision making process and critical thinking.  The communication chapter addresses how to best elicit key information quickly and accurately via phone. Separate chapters address the challenge of high risk populations (pediatric, geriatric and women of childbearing age) and emotional and medical crisis management.


  • Packed with case histories; examples of model systems; early  research; and expert opinion
  • 20 examples of protocols and documentation forms
  • End-of-chapter exercises
  • Links to 10 real-life case studies of routine to crisis-level cases for review, analysis and discussion
  • Provides comparative models of excellent and flawed call management
  • Crisis intervention, medical and psychological
  • Customization for high-risk population
  • Adaptable for individual or group training


  • Telephone Triage: An Overview
  • Medico-legal Aspects of Telephone Triage Communications
  • Telephone Triage and the Nursing Process
  • Protocol and Form Design and Development
  • High-Risk Populations: Children, Elderly, and Women of Childbearing Age
  • Crisis Intervention: Medical and Psychological

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