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The Fine Art of Telephone Triage: 30 CE for $6 per CE hour

This is the original  —  “how to” and  “go to” —  classic course on telephone triage.  Learn The Fine Art of Telephone Triage (30 CE Hours)  using 2-8 key question checklists, a nursing process-based approach and pattern elicitation and recognition.  The classic training manual– Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice and Protocol Development (1993) —  has been purchased by over 35,000 clinicians since 1993!

“Fine Art of Telephone Triage” is based on the seminar taught by Ms. Wheeler since 1985. This clinical training course is “generic” to all telephone triage systems or programs, regardless of the type of protocols or guidelines used in your setting. Sheila Wheeler is a CE Provider and has been approved by California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #10680

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is ideal for Individual or Group training on how to perform telephone triage.  The package covers the elements of malpractice in telephone triage and practical steps to avoid risk.  Metacognition — thinking about thinking — involves a decision making process and critical thinking.  These skills are addressed in detail, with checklist tools to enhance assessment of adult, geriatric, Women’s Health and pediatric populations (Infant-Child and School Age), as well as tools to gather contextual information, such as patient history — quickly and effectively.

The communication chapter addresses how to best elicit key information quickly and accurately via phone. Separate chapters address the challenge of high risk populations (pediatric, geriatric and women of childbearing age) and emotional and medical crisis management.

To be complete, Telephone Triage Systems should have five components:  Telephone Triage Guidelines, a Documentation Tools, Training Programs, Standards and qualified staff.  To be safe, each component should be high quality.  Current software training programs do not take the place of clinical training, and even your current clinical training may not be adequate.  When quality continuing education is added, it comprises a comprehensive clinical training program. For a fraction of the cost of a conference, managers can quickly train groups of staff in telephone triage “basics” and provide staff with optional Continuing Education hours.

Value for money!  You receive a telephone triage continuing education course  — 30 CE Hours, a training manual and link to audioCD with 10+ scenario case studies — all for $180!  That $6 per CE hour!


AUDIENCE: RNs, NPs and clinicians (novice and experienced) from Call Center, Ambulatory Care, ED, Hospice, Student Health, School Nurse, Home Health and Public Health settings.

METHODOLOGY: Reading, completing end-of-chapter exercises, listening to audio CD and completing post test.

BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVES:  Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define three major risk management areas and remedies to each

  • Correctly apply general guidelines

  • Define key documentation requirements

  • Analyze and critique 10 audiotaped case studies.

PROVIDER: Sheila Wheeler has been approved by California Board of Registered Nursing, Continuing Education Provider #10680 for 30 contact hours


  • Packed with case histories; examples of model systems; research; and expert opinion

  • 20 examples of protocols and documentation forms

  • End-of-chapter exercises

  • AudioLinks to 60-minute Training audio CD with 10  case studies of routine to crisis-level cases for review, analysis and discussion

  • Provides comparative models of excellent and flawed call management

  • Legal chapter providing guidelines for safe practice

  • Over 200 published references specific to telephone triage

  • Crisis intervention, medical and psychological

  • Applications for high-risk populations

  • Adaptable for home study or group training, with or without CEUs


  • Telephone Triage: An Overview

  • Medico-legal Aspects of Telephone Triage Communications

  • Telephone Triage and the Nursing Process

  • Protocol and Form Design and Development

  • High-Risk Populations: Children, Elderly, and Women of Childbearing Age

  • Crisis Intervention


  1. Order the Book and Post Test online through PayPal. Books take 4-5 business days to ship.

  2. You will receive the Post Test via email. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER

  3. Read the required reading materials.

  4. Complete the post test and submit it via email

  5. If you pass with 70%, you will receive a Certificate of Completion via email!

  6. If you do not pass with 70%, you can retake the exam.  PLEASE SAVE YOUR POST TEST

It’s quick and easy and most of the courses are available to read online immediately.

2018 Pricing:  30 Continuing Education Hours for $180

Includes AudioCD link to case studies, the training manual Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice and Protocol Development and 2 downloadable Books:  Preceptor Workbook  Standards Manual (only available as part of this CE course)

Don’t need CE?  Order the book only!