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Telephone Triage Continuing Education Year-End Sale! 30 CE + 3 Books for $120

For $4 per CE Hour, you will receive a 30 CE course plus 3 downloadable books:

CLICK HERE to request a PayPal Invoice!  Offer expires December 31, 2018.  CE prices will go up in 2019, so take advantage of this offer now!   Complete your telephone triage program by purchasing Age-Specific Guidelines

Individual CE Courses Available

The Fine Art of Telephone Triage

The original basic training manual for the practice of telephone triage, it lays out major issues and strategies for safe practice.  Based on the classic text “Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice and Protocol Development” (1993), managers often use this course as a self-study — cost effective and time-saving training for new staff. It is essential training for telephone triage: risk management, nursing process, communications, high risk populations and crisis management.

Course reading material is hard copy book & Audiolink to 10 case studies 

Includes Links to download 190 page Preceptor Workbook  & 80 page Standards Manual  only available with this CE course. 

Please note: CE purchase is non-refundable 

 30 CE Hours for $180

Safety in Telephone Triage

This narrative review of the literature is the first to examine key aspects of telephone triage practice.  It describes the field in detail, providing an in-depth understanding of key issues related to the safety of decision makers and systems  Examines recent studies of four groups of decision makers — physicians, nurses, EMDs and non-clinical staff.  Also  the presence of key system components (Standards, Training, Guidelines, Documentation Tool) in current practice.

Course reading material is an article included in the price of this CE course. Please note: CE purchase is non-refundable

6 CE Hours for $85

Telephone Triage Guideline Competency

Addresses major elements of telephone triage and how to correctly operate telephone triage protocols and form.

Course reading material is a book (included)

EXCLUSIVE:  5 CE Hours for $125 – includes:

Please note: CE purchase is non-refundable

Telephone Triage Risk Management 1

Trends and Advances

Addresses major trends, risk management, documentation, policies in telephone triage.

Course reading material is a free article, sent as a PDF after ordering the course. Please note: CE purchase is non-refundable 

3 CE Hours for $70

Telephone Triage Risk Management 2

Two Expert Views

Two risk management experts describe elements of negligence and recommendations for reducing risk exposure.

Course reading material is a free article, sent as a PDF after ordering the course. Please note: CE purchase is non-refundable 

3 CE Hours for $70



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If you haven’t already done so, you can earn 30 CE hours in telephone triage by taking “The Fine Art of Telephone Triage”.

If you have taken that course, check out TeleTriage Systems’ other courses that can earn you up to 15 -18 CE’s

It’s quick and easy and most of the courses are available to read online immediately.

CE Feedback & Testimonials

“Thank you so much for the materials that you’ve sent to me. In my new position, I was desperate for up-to-date information regarding risk management, scope-of-practice rules and any other information I could find. Your books and articles have answered all of my most important questions and so much more.

Thanks to you, I’m no longer just relying on my past 11 years of practical experience as a telephone triage nurse. I now have written ‘best practice’ standards in hand that I can refer to. Many thanks again for all you do.”

T.W., Clinical Quality Auditor, 24/7 Triage Line, California