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Telehealth Training Manuals and Guidelines

Telehealth is an essential service — now center stage in healthcare.   Clinical Telehealth training is also essential!  Currently, no evidence has shown that electronic Guidelines replace clinical telehealth training, making training  materials an essential component of any telehealth system.

Managers: Jump start your clinical training  for existing or new staff!  The texts are unique, evidence-based and practical  — for a group or a new hire as a self-study.  Get staff up to speed quickly, and check that task off your list!  Even with the introduction of electronic decision support guidelines,  clinicians still make basic errors (Wheeler, 2015, 2019). Ms. Wheeler designed the course material to reduce common, recurrent errors she discovered while serving as an expert witness on 35+ cases since 1995.

The training  manuals address methods to reduce recurrent failures of assessment, communication, continuity, informed consent and human error — all root causes of error in Medicine (Joint Commission).  Ms Wheeler’s goal was to develop training products that were as evidence-based, standards-based and as “real world” as is feasible.  

“Thank you so much for the materials that you’ve sent to me. In my new position, I was desperate for up-to-date information regarding risk management, scope-of-practice rules and any other information I could find.

Your books and articles have answered all of my most important questions and so much more.  Thanks to you, I’m no longer just relying on my past 11 years of practical experience as a telephone triage nurse. I now have written ‘best practice’ standards in hand that I can refer to. Many thanks again for all you do.  T.W., Clinical Quality Auditor, 24/7 Triage Line, California

Online Telehealth CE Courses 

Telephone Triage Risk Management in Primary Care, Urgent Care and ED Settings (2019)

Description  This course updates telephone triage and telehealth clinicians about current risk management related to telephone triage.  Utilizing case studies and legal principles, the course examines controversial trends and practices as well as ongoing patterns of system and human error.  It also proposes standards-based solutions standards and new technologies to current patterns of error.   This  course is a 120-page article,  51 Medical Malpractice Case studies, New   Standards, Regulations, and Policies.

This CE Course is  no longer available for purchase. It will soon be available as a book on Amazon in early 2021


Safety of Telephone Triage Decision Makers (2015)

This narrative review of the literature is the first to examine key aspects of telephone triage practice.  It describes the field in detail, providing an in-depth understanding of key issues related to the safety of decision makers and systems  Examines recent studies of four groups of decision makers — physicians, nurses, EMDs and non-clinical staff.  Also  the presence of key system components (Standards, Training, Guidelines, Documentation Tool) in current practice.  Course reading material is 26 page research article from Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare included in the price of this CE course.

This CE Course is  no longer available for purchase.

Telephone Triage Guideline Competency (2017)

Addresses major elements of telephone triage and how to correctly operate telephone triage protocols and form.   Available as Age-based Adult, School Age or Infant-child Guidelines  (400+ pages) and audio link for 10 case studies for analysis and critique.

This CE Course is  no longer available for purchase.   Age-based Guidelines are available as a book on Amazon now

The Fine Art of Telephone Triage (1993-2005)

This course is the “CLASSIC” — the only, and original basic training manual for the practice of telephone triage, describes major issues and strategies for safe practice.  Based on “Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice and Protocol Development” (1993), managers often use this Text for staff training as a self-study and essential training for telephone triage risk management (1993-2005), nursing process, communications, high risk populations and crisis management.  Also Included:   Audiolink to 10 case studies (1993)

This CE Course is  no longer available for purchase. The book – Telephone Triage:  Theory, Practice  and  Protocol Development is currently available  on Amazon

Advanced Practice in  Telehealth: Essentials for Evidence-Based Expert Practice (2021)

Structure, Process and Outcomes for 5-Level Telephone Triage 

Description:  Essentials for Expert Practice is a revision of The Fine Art of Telephone Triage (1993) the original “how to” course in telephone triage.  Participants are introduced to key standards-based practice tools. Focusing on theessential elements —   Structure, Process and Outcomes — this training manual is a “4-in-1” system with training  program (with downloadable audiotapes), a documentation form, Universal Guideline and Standards.

This CE Course is  no longer available for purchase. It will soon  be available as a book on Amazon in January of 2021.

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