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Is Current Telephone Triage Research Disconnected?

 False Assumptions about Electronic Guidelines, Clinical Assessment & Decision Making Research and “Real World” Practice: A Major Disconnect Since the mid-nineties, the telephone triage industry has experienced breathtaking growth. Still, there is a lack of consensus about everything from scope of practice to terminology. For example, which title describes most accurately what clinicians do:...
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Emergency Department Gridlock & Telephone Triage

Back to the Future? Written in 1992 by Sheila Wheeler, this article explores and describes the current role of telephone triage as gatekeeper and its potential to facilitate appropriate  ED access while reducing cost.     Telephone triage is the assessment, advice and treatment of health related problems by telephone.  Telephone triage should be “symptom based” (relating to symptoms), providing...
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Telehealth Training Manuals and Guidelines

Telehealth is an essential service — now center stage in healthcare.   Clinical Telehealth training is also essential!  Currently, no evidence has shown that electronic Guidelines replace clinical telehealth training, making training  materials an essential component of any telehealth system. Managers: Jump start your clinical training  for existing or new staff!  The texts are unique,...
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About Sheila Wheeler, RN, MS.

SHEILA WHEELER, RN, MS.,  Founder of TeleTriage Systems, has achieved international recognition as a pioneer, thought leader and expert in telephone triage. She is an accomplished writer and researcher. Ms. Wheeler is currently retired. Ms. Wheeler’s guidelines are unique. They are the only age-specific guidelines, the only 5-level telehealth guidelines, and designed for underserved...
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Telehealth Resources: Articles, Newsfeeds, Research

Telehealth Articles, Newsfeeds & Age-Specific, 5-Level Guidelines Since 1995, TeleTriage.com has served as an informational clearinghouse rich with resources: RSS feeds to the latest Telehealth news,  articles on telephone triage and telehealth research.  Please feel free to explore and link to this page as resources. Telehealth Newsfeeds Telehealth Newsfeeds provide links to current...
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