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Emergency Department Telephone Triage

Lessons Learned from Unusual Calls to the ED Written in 1989 by Sheila Wheeler, this article presents results of an early survey of ED nurses about types of calls managed in the ED.  The following eight anecdotes are taken from 140 reported in a survey of emergency nurses at a 1988 Scientific Assembly lecture. The 370 nurses who participated in the survey attended a seminar by the author on...
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Telephone Triage: A Future Calling?

Written in 1987 by Sheila Wheeler  Telephone triage is the process of evaluating, advising, educating and making safe disposition of client health problems by phone. It is a specialized field, still in its infancy. Generally, it includes screening of medical, emotional and informational problems. Telephone triage is often practiced in areas outside of the hospital setting; it may also be used as...
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Telephone Triage Interstate Practice

A Historical View of Interstate Practice of Telephone Triage (Carol Rutenberg, Author) Joan Ritter is sitting at home in one state taking a call from a patient who is living in or traveled to another state on business.  When she takes that call, where is she practicing?  You might be surprised to learn that most state Boards of Nursing feel that nursing takes place where the patient is (not the...
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