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Gun Violence, Public Health & Rock the Vote

Gun Violence is a Public Health Problem From the Atlantic:  “Research  studies suggest that, for example, having a gun in the house increased risk of homicide and suicide.  Mark Rosenberg, then the director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control stated in 1994, “We need to revolutionize the way we look at guns, like what we did with cigarettes … It used to be...
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Telephone Triage Rules of Thumb

Clinical Decision Making in Telephone Triage Experts (including clinicians) frequently use Rules of Thumb to make decisions.  These are rules that are generally correct but not scientifically proven.  Rules of Thumb can be useful in telephone triage, when estimating urgency quickly is more important than determining a diagnosis.  Here are several Rules of Thumb below from the Preceptor Workbook,...
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Telephone Triage Task Delegation & Misrepresentation: Risk Management

Delegating Tasks to Unqualified Staff I am often asked about a recommended “list of key symptoms for clerical staff to use to pre-triage patients”. I do not have such a list, nor do I recommend this risky policy. If your facility implements such a task delegation policy, I recommend that nurses meet with the hospital counsel in regard to this matter, as well as getting the policy in writing....
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What is a Telephone Triage Nurse? Current Role and Skills

Telephone triage nurse: current role and skills from Sheila Wheeler
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Are Telephone Triage Guidelines Safe & Reliable ?

How to Evaluate Telephone Triage Guidelines and Protocols It is safe to say that telephone triage guidelines are still in “early days”.  No independent, peer-reviewed, comparative study has found one guideline system to be safer than all others.  In fact,  errors and delays in care still plague telephone triage. According to the Institute of Medicine, error is defined as the...
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Are Telephone Triage Nurses Using Guidelines?

RECENT RESEARCH has found that Computerized Decision Support Systems (CDSS) do not perform effectively (or possibly safely)as decision support tools. Technical deficiencies included: not supportive of decision making, inconsistent documentation leading to mistriage, unintended self-care recommendations, information missing or outdated, questions subject to variable interpretation, clinical...
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