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TeleTriage Systems FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TeleTriage Systems address the company history, Ms. Wheeler’s track record of expertise in the field and additional questions.  If you do not find answers here, please contact us.

What type of business is TeleTriage Systems?

TeleTriage Systems is a consulting firm, owned and operated by Sheila Wheeler, RN, MS, since 1985.  When Ms. Wheeler began presenting the first telephone triage seminars in California in the mid-1980’s, the company was originally known as Wheeler and Associates.  In 1988, Ms. Wheeler authored the first home study course, entitled “The Fine Art of Telephone Triage”.  In 1993, Ms Wheeler published her first training manual (and audio CD) — “Telephone Triage: Theory, Practice and Protocol Development” (Delmar Publishers).  In 1994, Ms. Wheeler founded the first telephone triage conference, coordinated by Contemporary Forums and attended by over 6,000 participants during its lifetime.

In 1995, Ms. Wheeler served as Editor-in-Chief of a Task Force of 20 expert nurses and physicians to develop the first three-volume,  patient-centered telephone triage protocols for Adult, School Age, and Infant Child Populations.  Ms. Wheeler developed two different software versions of these protocols in 1997.  From her earliest years as a consultant, Ms. Wheeler  has built a strong track record of  innovative, best of breed products and services.  Ms. Wheeler continues to provide consultation and seminars, develop and refine protocols, and perform research. Her clients include physicians’ offices, clinics, student health centers, HMOs, military facilities, and community clinics.

Are TeleTriage Systems Products copyrighted?

Yes, TeleTriage Systems’ products are owned by Sheila Wheeler.  The company name,  TeleTriage Systems,  is trademarked.  Ms. Wheeler owns the domain name teletriage.com and several other domain names.


Is there a specialized conference devoted solely to clinical topics related to telephone triage?

At this time, there are only a few conferences that have one-day, clinically specific tracks on the topic of telephone triage. the original 3-day telephone triage conference founded and developed by Ms. Wheeler has not been reinstated since the early 2000′s. However, Ms. Wheeler is available to serve as a consultant to new or existing conferences.

In 1994, Ms. Wheeler founded and developed  ”Telephone Triage: Essentials for Expert Practice”, the first telephone triage conference, sponsored by Contemporary Forums and attended by over 6,000 participants for over seven years.  If your company would like to add a telephone triage track to your existing conference, or develop a national or international conference specific to telephone triage, please contact Ms Wheeler.  See samples of conference programs from 1990′s, conceived and developed by Sheila Wheeler with Contemporary Forums, a nationally recognized conference organizing company.

Sample Conference Programs Developed by Ms. Wheeler:

1994 Conference

Conference: 2 Sites

Conference: 3 Sites

Does TeleTriage Systems employ telephone triage nurses?  

TeleTriage Systems does not provide clinical call center or outsourcing services at this time.  We do not employ call center clinicians.

Does TeleTriage Systems provide training on-site?

Yes, on-site training is available.

We are a small organization, with a small budget, but want on-site training.  How can that be accomplished?

TeleTriage Systems welcomes opportunities to provide on-site training to all your facilities’ staff.  We suggest teaming up with other nearby health facilities to defray the cost of conducting an on-site presentation.  Please contact us to inquire about options for customized, community-based presentations.

Does TeleTriage Systems exchange links with other websites?  

We welcome companies and consultants who will enrich our site content and resources to share links between site.  Please contact us to inquire.

May I call with a quick question?  

For questions requiring 15 minutes or less, you may call 415.453.8382.  More complicated issues can be addressed by setting up a phone consultation. For a minimal fee,  we can provide directives for solutions.  Please contact us to inquire.

May I print articles from this site?  

You may print all articles posted on this site.  Please credit Sheila Wheeler at teletriage.com if you use the pages for educational purposes.  Also, you may share articles with your colleagues.

Are TeleTriage System CE Courses accepted by my state?   

California State BRN approved CE courses are accepted by most states.  Please contact your state BRN to verify acceptance before purchasing CE.

After ordering a CE course, when will I receive the certificate of completion?  

Upon passing the course, your certificate will be delivered by email within 1-5 business days.

I did not receive an expected course or response from your site, what happened?   

If you have not received a response, perhaps your email was entered incorrectly.  It is also possible that our response went into your spam filter.  Please check there before calling us at 415.453.8382415.453.8382.

For more Information, please contact us.

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