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TeleTriage Systems Assets for Sale

High Ranking in top 10 – 20 Telephone Triage & Telehealth x 22 years Instant Internet Exposure in a high profile, high quality marketing channel — while saving time and money on marketing expenses.  Branding Sheila Wheeler and TeleTriage Systems – are established and instantly recognized leaders in the telehealth...
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Key Symptom List for Non-Clinician Pre-Triage: A Risky Practice

Key List of Symptoms of Non-Clinicians to Pre-Triage? I am often asked about a recommended “list of key symptoms for clerical staff to use to pre-triage patients”. I do not have such a list, nor do I recommend this risky policy. If your facility implements such a task delegation policy, I recommend that nurses meet with the hospital counsel in regard to this matter, as well as getting the policy...
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Telehealth: Essentials for Expert Clinical Practice (2022)

Structure, Process, Outcomes for 5-Level Telephone Triage  Essentials for Expert Clinical  Practice is a revision of The Fine Art of Telephone Triage (1993) the original “how to” course in telephone triage. Structure – Process – Outcome = Quality and Safety This comprehensive Training Program combines two (training and Standards) of four System Components (Documentation Form,...
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Clinical Call Center of the Future:

In a recent article in Healthcare Call Center Times entitled “Thoughts from a Telephone Triage Pioneer”, Sheila Wheeler shared her vision of the future of telehealth with a list of features for the clinical call center of the future. New Title Telephone Triage Nurse becomes Clinical Triagist Integrated Clinical Call Centers The 24/7 “Command Call Center” becomes the new...
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Emergency Department Telephone Triage

Are Current Policies Safe? Recent research found a link between Oregon patients on Medicaid and increased ED visits, with possible implications for theAffordable Care Act (ACA).   For several decades, the issue of ED overutilization has been identified as a problem.  Historically, ED visits may be preceded by a telephone triage call to the ED for assessment and disposition — which most EDs...
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